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Customer Testimonials

I ordered the mini lemon cupcakes and they were delicious. I truly enjoyed the lemon zest flavor that lingered on my palate. The mini size was perfect. It was big enough to have plenty of flavor, yet left me feeling satisfied.

I ordered with MMM Cupcakes a couple of times, red velvet and chocolate cupcakes are amazing. The cake pops are yummy and beautiful! Nothing beats homemade!

I have been so pleasantly surprised with the quality of MMM Cupcakes. The flavors are rich and cake is moist. There are so many flavors and designs to choose from as well. My family will order as often as we can. We hope to try them all!

Oh the cupcakes were great!!!  After most of the guests left my mom, Grandma, and aunt sat down with the different kinds and were sharing them all so they could try each flavor; they were all awesome!  At least 3 people told me the lemon were the best lemon they’d ever had.  I am really happy that I chose to order from you!   

Tonya V.

Lyndon, KS