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Cupcakes: An American Love Affair

August 29th, 2014

Everyone loves delicious cupcakes.  They’re perfect little individual treats for any special occasion, from school carnivals, to wedding receptions, to birthday parties!  And so many scrumptious flavors to chose from!  Rich chocolate, classic vanilla, zesty lemon, delectable peanut butter cup, and so many more.  Not to mention all of the different possible flavor combinations of frosting, tasty candy toppings, or decorative accents.

Honestly, is there any event, celebration, or special occasion that wouldn’t be made all better with the addition of yummy, fresh-baked cupcakes?

The history of the cupcake dates all the way back to 1796, so the experts say.  The first mention of the cupcake appeared in a book called American Cookery by Amelia Simmons.  The inclusion of what is considered the very first published cupcake recipe helped make the book a classic, but it was also very popular in the original Thirteen Colonies for its wealth of cooking tips, techniques, and recipes that brought together English cooking methods and regional ingredients found in the American Northwest.

To date, the cupcake has enjoyed over 200 years of popularity.  In Great Britain, the cupcake is sometimes known as “fairy cake.”  In Australia, locals often call it “patty cake.”  Here in the United States, we simply know them as “cupcakes” and the mere mention of the word gets children and adults wide-eyed and hungry.  The standard cupcake recipe uses four main ingredients: butter, sugar, eggs and flour.  But, as we know, the modern cupcake recipe includes so many wonderful flavor additions–from chocolate chips to nuts, caramel to sea salt, lemon curd to strawberry filling.

It seems like cupcake shops have been popping up all over the country lately.  This is no surprise to those who love sweet treats.  Beautifully decorated cupcakes are a delicious centerpiece on any dessert table.  Cupcakes have long been a favorite treat and have really evolved over the years.  They’ve also become more than just a tasty dessert, they’re often integrated into the theme of a special event or party as well.  Cupcakes have found their place at the table for every type of occasion, from informal family gatherings to extravagant social events.  Cupcakes can be frosted in school colors for special school events, or they can be beautifully decorated to be served at elegant wedding receptions, bridal showers, or baby showers.  From mini-cupcakes, to classic cupcakes, to gourmet cupcakes, there’s perfect cupcake for every occasion.

Here in the U.S., cupcakes are never more popular than at birthday parties.  Cupcakes are an especially fun and festive addition to kids’ birthday parties, although adults of all ages enjoy cupcakes at their own birthday gatherings.  For kids’ birthday parties, in particular, birthday cupcakes can be topped with fun candy sprinkles and delicious decorative chocolate candies.  They can also be frosted in colorful frosting to coordinate with any birthday party theme.  And, best of all, cupcakes are incredibly easy to serve–which can be very helpful to the parents hosting a kid’s birthday party.

There’s no doubt that Americans have had a long-standing love affair with the cupcake.  Although it’s certain that cupcakes will continue to evolve–incorporating all kinds of new and exciting flavors and ingredients–you can bet that cupcakes will hold an honored place at the table for many years to come.

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Make Cupcakes Part of Your Wedding Celebration

July 28th, 2014

The wedding season is upon us. The special time of year when happy couples look forward to celebrating their commitment to one another along with family and close friends. Such great memories to be made! There may be music, and flowers, and singing, and dancing—and of course, lots of delicious food, drink, and desserts!

The rehearsal dinner and wedding reception aren’t the only times to gather and celebrate with the happy couple. Other wedding celebrations can include:

  • Engagement party
  • Bridal shower
  • Bridal luncheon
  • Bachelor party
  • Bachelorette party
  • Post-wedding brunch

These are all great occasions to gather with loved ones, share some stories, and enjoy a great meal together. From savory appetizers to delicious entrees to delectable desserts, carefully selected menu items can help make any special occasion even more memorable.

And most would agree that one of the best parts of any celebration is the desserts. The delicious possibilities seem endless. From miniature cheesecakes, to make your own ice cream sundae bars, to chocolate fountains, desserts can be a delicious way to add a little fun to any wedding celebration.

Whatever the occasion, don’t forget the cupcakes! These tasty treats always delight and can be frosted in colors and designs to coordinate with almost any theme or color scheme. Imagine a beautiful dessert table filled with mouthwatering cupcakes in all your favorite flavors, topped with delectable buttercream and gorgeous frosting flowers in complementing wedding colors. Or perhaps delicious wedding cupcakes frosted to coordinate with the wedding cake and served alongside. With so many tasty flavors and decorative toppings for cupcakes, they’re a great addition to any wedding celebration. You can choose your favorite flavors, try some new ones, or both!

In addition to the classic cupcake flavors like chocolate and vanilla, why not try lemon, red velvet, or even peanut butter cup? You can add yummy sprinkles, chocolate candies, or decorative fondant accents!

Maybe serve some mini-cupcakes too! These tasty little cupcakes are “just the right size” for many special occasions. They’re a great way for guests to sample a variety of different cupcake flavors and maybe find some new favorites.

Whether your wedding celebration is a small bridal luncheon, or a large and elaborate reception, wedding cupcakes are a delicious and decorative dessert option. With so many cake flavors and frosting combinations to choose from, cupcakes can be custom-crafted to enhance any special event.

This article brought to you by MMM Cupcakes in Topeka, Kansas, where all your cupcake dreams can come true. If you have a wedding, bridal shower, dinner party, or other fun event that will be made all the better with an assortment of tasty, beautifully decorated cupcakes, call MMM Cupcakes in Topeka at 785-845-1338.