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About MMM Cupcakes in Topeka, Kansas

MMM Cupcakes, LLC was started by Misty Gill in 2014. Misty wanted to share her love of baking and decorating delicious cakes and cupcakes with others. She got her start in baking by making cakes for her family. Her very first decorative cake was a Barbie birthday cake for her daughter. The creation, which featured a real Barbie doll surrounded by a giant hoop-skirt-shaped cake with purple frosting, was a huge hit with her daughter and their friends. Misty continued baking and experimenting with flavors and frostings and sprinkles. It wasn’t long before friends and acquaintances began asking her if she had her own cupcake-baking business and where they could buy her delicious cupcake creations.

Since starting MMM Cupcakes in Topeka, Misty has found that she enjoys baking so much that she can’t imagine doing anything else. Baking and delivering homemade cupcakes allows her to bring a smile to her customers’ faces. And her skill crafting delectable cake flavors, as well as her specialty toppings and designs, keep them coming back for more!

“A cupcake is a truly wonderful thing. When I started, I knew that I only wanted to make homemade cupcakes. This gives me the freedom to experiment with new flavors and frosting combinations.”

– Misty Gill, Founder of MMM Cupcakes, LLC

MMM Cupcakes in Topeka is eager to bake, frost, and bring delicious cupcakes and confections to parties and events of all kinds. Feeling hungry for cupcakes? Call MMM Cupcakes in Topeka at 785-845-1338 or click here to fill out our Contact Form and we’ll get baking!